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Boost Rewards

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Here you will be able to recive your reward for donations / boost

After you Donate / Boost you will post here following the required model  ( to recive your reward ) !

Attention basic rules ! ! !

  1. The distance between boosts will be at least two hours.
  2. The server will be boosted only when there are under 22 players.
  3. Except for rule two,the server can be boosted in the morning and evening preferably after 22:00.
  4. If you boost late between 01:00 - 08:00 you will recive extra benefits ! ! !

That was all for now. (Remeber that these rules can be changed without being announced ! )


  • NickName:
  • Steam ID (compulsory):
  • The date when you boosted:
  • You boosted for? (VIP-G / VIP-P / Prefix)

Post below after this model !

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NickName: [M]Maasym.

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:104489241

The date when you boosted: 6 - 12 -2019

You boosted for? : Prefix ( Prefix is  [Love you] )

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