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More Information

We are an international Game Hosting company originating in Serbia, we offer hosting for different game servers for more than 10 years (2007), at this moment we are the most respected hosting company in the Balkan area, we offer hosting in the following locations: Serbia, Germany, France and since 2014 and in Romania.
We currently have over 80 dedicated servers in Serbia, we also work with the largest data centers in Europe, such as NOEZ, G-Portal, OVH and Voxility to provide the highest quality.

We have more than 1500 servers hosted with clients from Serbia, Germany, Pakistan, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro and several other countries.

Our systems are specially configured by our team for hosting game servers, for maximum quality and for the best gaming experience.
Each system is equipped with a processor with at least 6 cores (Xeon ®) and at least 32GB RAM.


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