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Request DNS [EN]

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Benefits you get from affiliation:

    DNS CsFraguri.Ro
    Forum category + full edit + moderator


    Comply with the general forum rules
    Offer CsFraguri.Ro community exclusivity throughout affiliations and do not support another community through us
    Servers that will have hostname and commercials dedicated to other communities will be instantly removed/banned
    Repeated affiliations and de-affiliations of the same server within a short period of time will be penalized by restricting a future affiliation and banning the owner.

Request model:

    Slots number:
    IP Address + Port:
    Game mod:
    GameTracker Link:
    Owner contact, administrator ( Discord, Skype, Steam ) :
    Hosting company's name:
    Server Description ( Optional ) :


Game: Counter Strike 1.6
Name: LoL.CsFraguri.Ro
Slot number: 32
Ip Address + Port:
Game Mod: Respawn
GameTracker Link: Gametracker s.a.m.d
Owner contact,administrator ( Discord, Skype, Steam ) : Discord Marius # 1212
Hosting company's name: KGB
Server Descriptions (optiona;): What you want.



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