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  1. Example: NickName: [M]Maasym. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:104489241 The date when you boosted: 6 - 12 -2019 You boosted for? : Prefix ( Prefix is [Love you] )
  2. Here you will be able to recive your reward for donations / boost After you Donate / Boost you will post here following the required model ( to recive your reward ) ! Attention basic rules ! ! ! The distance between boosts will be at least two hours. The server will be boosted only when there are under 22 players. Except for rule two,the server can be boosted in the morning and evening preferably after 22:00. If you boost late between 01:00 - 08:00 you will recive extra benefits ! ! ! That was all for now. (Remeber that these rules can be changed without being announced ! ) MODEL: NickName: Steam ID (compulsory): The date when you boosted: You boosted for? (VIP-G / VIP-P / Prefix) Post below after this model !
  3. Hello,here you can see benefits for VIP GOLD. Standard benefits VIP GOLD: 105 HP From Spawn. 100 AP From Spawn. MultiJump From Spawn ( X3 Jump ). Another benefits: 10 HP per Kill. 15 HP per HeadShot. 15 and 20 HP per Kill / HeadShot on Knife. Extra benefits for VIP GOLD: You have Extra Speed ( +265 speed ) - Every time. You have Extra DMG ( +1,5 DMG ) - Every Time. You have Extra Gravity ( 850 ) - Every Time. You have Tag [VIP - GOLD] - Every Time. You appear in the tab as a VIP player - Every Time. You have a slot reserved - Every Time Price for VIP GOLD : VIP Gold 50 Days = 2 Euro for Donation Vip GOLD 25 Days = 1 Euro for Boost (Boost server only on Gametracker.rs ! ! ! Iy you want VIP ask one Head or admins before donating or boosting. After you donated or boosted post here after model : https://csfraguri.ro/index.php?/forum/82-boost-rewards/ Head Server: [M]Maasym. and [R]edBuLL. Good Luck and thanks for help ! ! !
  4. Hello,here you can see what are the benefits of VIP PLATINUM. Standard benefits VIP PLATINUM: 115 HP From Spawn. 100 AP From Spawn. MultiJump From Spawn ( X3 Jump ). Another benefits: 10 HP per KILL. 15 HP per HeadShot. +15 and 20 HP per Kill / HeadShot on Knife. Extra benefits for VIP PLATINUM: You have Extra Speed ( +300 speed ) - Every Time. You have Extra DMG ( + X2 DMG ) - Every Time. You can have Trail - EX: trail 4 Maasym in chat (and you have Maasym trail). You can have Glow - EX: /Glow in chat and press one number for select the colors. You have Tag [VIP - PLATINUM] - Every Time. You appear in the tab as a VIP player - Every Time. You have a slot reserved - Every Time. When you log in,a message appears in chat - Every Time ( Ex: VIP [M]Maasym connected to server ) Limited Offer : Skin of choice - Only for 3 euros above the initial price ! ( Limited bcz to much resource) Price for VIP PLATINUM : Vip Platinum 50 Days = 3 Euro for Donation Vip Platinum 25 Days = 2 Euro For Boost (Boost server only on Gametracker.rs ! ! ! If you want VIP ask one Head or admins before donating or boosting. After you donated or boosted post here after model : https://csfraguri.ro/index.php?/forum/82-boost-rewards/ Head Server: [M]Maasym. and [R]edBuLL. Good Luck and Thanks for Help ! ! !
  5. Hello, If you are a new customer and order a 32 Slot Counter-Strike service you will receive an additional 30 days after the first payment of the server! You also have a bonus of up to 90 days free if you are a new customer to us and pay for the service in advance! For the Counter-Strike 1.6 game it is possible to give up bonuses, and so you can have a lower price. Offers are valid for Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike Source games and for all locations we offer within KGB Hosting Romania: Romania and Germany. The offers do NOT merge with each other, choose the offer that suits you. Hosting features: Our control panel is unique in the world, with many advanced functions for full access 6 free boosts each month for Counter-Strike 1.6 servers over 20 slots included Free web hosting for your domain or a subdomain of choice.mykgb.ro - for servers over 26 slots including DDoS protection permanently active up to 1200 Gbps Technical support available from Monday to Friday, during the weekend our team is available only for emergencies Addons and plugins available for installation from the control panel for some games Stable connection and a small ping with most providers For taking the bonus you can give me the PM telling me you want this.
  6. If you are a new customer and you pay for your new server or game servers ordered for a longer period of time (in advance) you will receive in addition to price reductions and several extra days. 6 Mon - 10% discount on the total price + BONUS 60 days extra. 12 Mon - 15% discount on the total price + BONUS 90 extra days. To take the bonus please mention that you want this in a PM. The bonus is only valid for Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Source and Counter-Strike Global Offensive servers.
  7. Info You can order your own game server with a 60% discount in the first month. The discount code is kgbromania. When placing the order let us know that you want the bonus with 60% discount.
  8. Server Hosting Prices Counter-Strike 1.6: 1 slot = 0.5 eur 12 slots - 6 eur 16 slots - 8 eur 20 slots - 10 eur 26 slots - 13 eur (with bonuses: Webhost) 32 slots - 16 eur (with bonuses: Webhost, server WAR 12 slots, 6 free boost per month) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Tickrate 64): 1 slot = 0.8 eur 12 slots - 9.6 e 16 slots - 12.8 e 20 slots - 16 e 26 slots - 20.8 e (bonuses web host) 32 slots - 25.6 e (bonuses web host) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Tickrate 128): 1 slot = 1 eur 12 slots - 12 e 14 slots - 14 e 16 slots - 16 e Counter-Strike: Source (OrangeBox+Protocol7): 1 slot = 0.5 eur 12 slots - 6 e 16 slots - 8 e 20 slots - 10 e 26 slots - 13 e (with bonuses: Webhost) 32 slots - 16 e (with bonuses: Webhost, server WAR 12 slots free) Call of Duty 2 / Call of Duty 4: 1 slot = 0.5 eur 12 slots - 6 e 16 slots - 8 e 20 slots - 10 e 26 slots - 13 e (with bonuses: Webhost) 32 slots - 16 e (with bonuses : Webhost, server WAR 12 slots free) GTA San Andreas: 1 slot = 0.1 eur 50 slots - 5 e 100 slots - 10 e (with bonuses: Webhost) 150 slots - 15 e (with bonuses: Webhost) 200 slots - 20 e (with bonuses: Webhost) Team Speak 3: 1 slot = 0.4 eur (if you have a game server you get 50% discount) 5 slots - 2 e 10 slots - 4 e 20 slots - 8 e 30 slots - 12 e 50 slots - 20 e 100 slots - 40 e If you want to order a server give me pm or make a new topic. Orders are made through the PM at Maasym. You can also order on Discord: Marius # 2691. Before any order it would be best to give me pm first and then determine where and how we speak.
  9. More Information We are an international Game Hosting company originating in Serbia, we offer hosting for different game servers for more than 10 years (2007), at this moment we are the most respected hosting company in the Balkan area, we offer hosting in the following locations: Serbia, Germany, France and since 2014 and in Romania. We currently have over 80 dedicated servers in Serbia, we also work with the largest data centers in Europe, such as NOEZ, G-Portal, OVH and Voxility to provide the highest quality. We have more than 1500 servers hosted with clients from Serbia, Germany, Pakistan, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro and several other countries. Our systems are specially configured by our team for hosting game servers, for maximum quality and for the best gaming experience. Each system is equipped with a processor with at least 6 cores (Xeon ®) and at least 32GB RAM.
  10. Benefits you get from affiliation: DNS CsFraguri.Ro Forum category + full edit + moderator Rules Comply with the general forum rules Offer CsFraguri.Ro community exclusivity throughout affiliations and do not support another community through us Servers that will have hostname and commercials dedicated to other communities will be instantly removed/banned Repeated affiliations and de-affiliations of the same server within a short period of time will be penalized by restricting a future affiliation and banning the owner. Request model: Game: Name: Slots number: IP Address + Port: Game mod: GameTracker Link: Owner contact, administrator ( Discord, Skype, Steam ) : Hosting company's name: Server Description ( Optional ) : Example Game: Counter Strike 1.6 Name: LoL.CsFraguri.Ro Slot number: 32 Ip Address + Port: Game Mod: Respawn GameTracker Link: Gametracker s.a.m.d Owner contact,administrator ( Discord, Skype, Steam ) : Discord Marius # 1212 Hosting company's name: KGB Server Descriptions (optiona;): What you want.
  11. [M]Maasym.

    Rules [EN]

    These rules apply to all categories of registered users in the CsFraguri Community. Rules are applied in all categories you have to read them and respect them, that's we want from you! 1. Username / profile / avatar / signature 1.1 The username / Display name should not contain vulgar or racist words. It must be different from the persons who belong to the administrative team of the forum. 1.2 The avatar / Signature must not contain pornographic pictures / racist meaning or to be related to cruelty to humans / animals. Prohibited are also images of the type 'NSFW "(not safe for work) because among us there are also members who visit us from work or public spaces in this category generally are ment adult pictures 18+. 1.3 The signature must contain only one pictures because the signature is not a gallery of pictures or wallpapers. 1.4 It is forbidden to attach video clips in the signature. 1.5 The registration of several accounts is punished with permanent suspension of all accounts / account removal. 1.6 It is forbidden to share your account password to other members /visitors or to sell your account. 2 Opening a new topic (thread) 2.1 Make sure you are in the right category before opening a new topic. 2.2 Use 'Search' before opening a topic as there may already be a topic containing the same subject. 2.3 Give a suggestive title to the opened topic to receive quickly answer. Example: If you have trouble changing your avatar, do not set a title like: "problem" set a title like: "problem with avatar change so when an administrator or moderator search for keywords like "problem", "avatar", "change" can find your Topic faster and help you. 3. Language 3.1 Using vulgar language itself brings permanent suspension on your account. 3.2 We do not tolerate the insulting brought to registered forum members in the community regardless of the spoken language. Challenges of verbal fight is also punished with the temporary or permanent suspension depending from each case. 3.3 Insults with racist remarks is punished with permanent suspension. 3.4 These sanctions are applied as well in private messages (PM) on the forum 3.5 The inadequate language represents the partial censoring of swearwords. 4. Posting rules 4.1 Off-topic/post-hunt/spam 4.1.1 Off-topic post is not related to the subject of the topic.This kind of post is not allowed. 4.1.2 Post-hunt refers to the posts that have the base on their amount and not on the meaning. Posts that contain a non-sense text or "generic" answers is considered post-hunt. Example: "hello" "hard" "beautiful" "cool" "good job" "nice" "generic" answer means: statements that are not real or have no connection with the subject, example: "I love the game, I played it, it was cool" this response can be considered "generic" because it is not a developed response or the user is unconscious about the subject. 4.1.3 If the rules have been broken in a post, those who will claim with a text "closed and warn", "Ban bann" will be sanctioned for the post-hunt. For reports/announcements use the report command below the avatar you wish to report. 4.1.4 Spam defines the excessive posting in a certain category with unnecessary topics/posts or same subject/answer. 4.2 Double-post 4.2.1 The double-post is not allowed, use the edit button. It is not considered double-posting if the two posts were made at an interval higher than 24 hours. 4.2.2 It is not considered double-posting if the posting time is one made after a few seconds as this may be the cause of a connection conflict that leads to a quick double-posting. 4.3 Use of excessive/misuse of colors/smiley/fontsize is prohibited 4.3.1 Colors, fontsize are used to emphasize an idea, a fragment of a sentence not to "paint" every post/topic. 5. Piracy (warez) 5.1 It's forbidden to open any topic about piracy (warez) The following topics will lead to permanent suspension without appeal right: Instructions, discussions and links how a pirated software runs, crack sites are also included. Request or publication serial numbers or cracks. Request or publication of DLCs. Request or publication of trackers. (torrent sources). Download link of some applications over which you have no copyright. (with exception of official websites who allow free software released / created by them). Various advertising of private servers or statements that support the free private. Example: statements like, let's play "free" on www.example.com than playing on the official with monthly fee. 6.Advertising / Spam 6.1 Advertising refers to the presentation of a website in order to attract more visitors. Any post, signature, avatar or private message from this type will result in permanent suspension of the member. 6.2 It is not considered advertising the referring to websites with informative purposes. Example: Join the best community www.csf.ro which is the best community in the world! Example: Click here to win a iphone, Make money online by clicking here. 7. Report 7.1 Use the report in the cases someone is breaking the rules or if you consider a case of injustice. Noncompliance leads to ignoring the problem and not solving it. 7.2 Reports are not private messages to the administrative team, do not use the report function if you do not really encounter a problem. 8. Rules for each section 8.1 Some sections of the forum are governed by separately local rules. We recommend the careful reading of the rules to ensure that you will not be sanctioned. To the readers attention! Ignorance of the rules is not an plausible excuse. Registering an account on the CsFraguri.Ro forum means that you agree with the rules mentioned above. Breaking these rules is punished depending on each case with warning/suspend depending on the gravity and if the member has made more active violations. Access requests, grades on the forum is also prohibited. The persons who are part of the conduct of the community will select and contact potential members who participate in the selection and development of the administrative team. In any other unexpected situation which is not written in the rules, the conduct of the community has the final saying. Rules may suffer modifications in time, we recommend rereading the rules periodical.
  12. Model Nick: Steam ID: Experience on amxmodx: Link GameTracker with hours: You read the rules?: Can you donate / boost?: Why do you want admin? Suggestions to be met The title of an application will be "Request admin name" Before making the admin request you must make sure you hold all the required hours otherwise you will be rejected. The model will be completed in its entirety (otherwise the application will be rejected) If you have applied and you have been rejected you have to wait 14 days to make a new admin request. Good Luck !
  13. Model Nick: Steam ID: Experienta amxmodx: Link GameTracker cu orele jucate: Ai citit regulamentul?: Poti dona / boosta pe GTRS?: De ce vrei admin?: Sugestii ce trebuiesc indeplinite, Titlul unei cererii va fi " Cerere admin nume" Inainte de a face cererea de admin trebuie sa te asiguri ca deti toate orele cerute altfel vei fi respins. Modelul se va completa in intregime.( In caz contrar cererea va fi respinsa) Daca ai aplicat si ai fost respins trebuie sa astepti 14 zile pentru a face o noua cerere de admin.( Nerespectarea acestei cerinte aduce de la sine respingerea cererii) Good luck !
  14. [M]Maasym.

    Rules [EN]

    Rules ZP.CSFRAGURI.RO & Slap Who do not attack and extend the round intentionally. Block unintentionally / unconsciously. Players who are on the map (places on the map that can be reached only with jetpack / bug) Slay Slay for retry zm. Who gives free nemesis. Zombies that do not attack. Who shoot lm of players Nemessis who are afk. Gag Inappropriate language, spamm, annoying commercials or offensive remarks. In the admin request to the question "Have you read the regulation?" you will write "No, I don't need it" so we will find out if you have read the rules to the end. (If you have looked directly for the answer I suggest you read the regulation for 1 minute so as not to lose the admin quickly) Repeat silly questions or statements, asks for modes, jets, admin, free. ( WARNING before ). flooding in chat. Vote map Only in the last 5-7 min. Ban Retry zombie ( Ban 30 min ) All hacks are forbidden regardless of the influence. The regulation is provisional and whenever modifications / additions can be made It is preferable to read the regulations as often as possible to keep up to date with all updates A regulation for administrators regarding the use of the modes will be displayed in another topic. Good luck !
  15. [M]Maasym.

    Regulament [RO]

    Regulament ZP.CSFRAGURI.RO & Slap Block neintentionat / inconstient ( Maxim 3 slap-uri pentru a evita spam-ul / flood-ul -> lag-ul) Jucatorii ce se afla pe harta ( Acolo unde se poate ajunge doar cu ajutor-ul unui bug / Jetpack ori alte solutii neobisnuite ) Zombiilor ce nu ataca si extind runda intentionat ( Daca nu tin cont de avertizarile adminilor vor primi SLAY ). Slay Celor ce blocheaza dupa ce primesc slap Zombilor ce nu ataca (Slay in ultimele 2 minute) Zombilor ce nu ataca in timpul mod-urilor Sniper/Survivor. Gag Limbaj neadecvat,spam cu diferite reclame sau remarci neobisnuite. Insistenta prin cererea de mod-uri / admin / vip sau alte beneficii ce se pot obtine in joc/forum. Flood in chat. Vote map Se va da vot doar in ultimele 5-7 minute de joc din mapa si se va schimba doar dupa ce se anunta " LAST " Se pot da la vot harti mici fara a tine cont de regula de mai sus doar in cazul in care sunt sub 15 jucatori pe server. (15/32) Ban Retry zombie de 2 ori ( Ban 30 min ) Retry zombie cand cel ce da retry este ultimul zombi va primi ban 60 min. Retry gag ( La prima abatere se va da gag din nou iar la a 2 a abatere ban 30 min ) In cererea de admin la intrebarea " Ai citit regulamentul?" vei scrie " Nu,nu am nevoie" asa ne vom da seama daca ai citit regulamentul pana la capat. (Daca ai cautat direct raspunsul iti sugerez sa citesti 1 minut regulamentul pentru a nu pierde adminul repede) Ori ce tip de hack indiferent de influenta lui se va pedepsi cu ban Permanent.(Ex: Aim / speed / bhop s.a.m.d ) Acest regulament este provizoriu si oricand se pot face modificari / adaugari. De preferabil sa cititi cat mai des regulamentul pentru a fi la curent cu toate update-urile Un regulament destinat adminilor cu referire la folosirea mod-urilor va fi afisat intr-un alt topic. Succes !
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