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  1. That would be nice, thank you in advance.
  2. I am able to join now. Thanks! Might be that someone using hack had joined with my nickname, thus I got banned for the nickname, but they got ban for their IP and not mine and this is why my IP is not banned. That also explains why I got banned, while I was not even playing. Thank you again!
  3. I am banned again 😞 NAME: Prestidigitateur IP: AGE: 31 STEAM ID: I do not use steam. DATE: No more than an hour ago. TIME: Same as above. MAP: I was not playing any map, while I was banned. I was testing a new system and joining and leaving the server and all of a sudden I could not join as I was banned. ADMIN ON THE SERVER: DMN REASON: aim DOVE: I do not have any pictures or demos. MENTIONS: [CSF BAN] ------------------------------- [CSF BAN] --==|| BAN INFO ||==-- [CSF BAN] ------------------------------- [CSF BAN] Server - CS.CSFRAGURI.RO | RESPAWN MOD | NEW ERA [CSF BAN] BanType - NAME [CSF BAN] TargetName - Prestidigitateur [CSF BAN] BanTime - 00 : 33 : 55 25/01/2020 [CSF BAN] UnbanTime - 23 : 53 : 55 25/01/2020 [CSF BAN] Timeleft - 23 Hour ( s ) 7 Minute ( s ) 44 Second ( s ) [CSF BAN] BannerID - STEAM_0 : 1 : 525980492 [CSF BAN] BannerIP - [CSF BAN] BannerName - DMN [CSF BAN] Reason - aim [CSF BAN] ------------------ Admin raW (or something like this) requested wargod from me earlier today. Here it is: https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1879996 The following is another report as I am playing from more than one computer, so a different report is being generated for each machine (or I believe so): https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=1874173
  4. I tried to rejoin and now I see the following: [CSF BAN] ------------------------------- [CSF BAN] --==|| BAN INFO ||==-- [CSF BAN] ------------------------------- [CSF BAN] Server - CS.CSFRAGURI.RO | RESPAWN MOD | NEW ERA [CSF BAN] BanType - IP [CSF BAN] TargetID - STEAM_1 : 0 : 774922556 [CSF BAN] TargetIP - [CSF BAN] TargetName - Prestidigitateur [CSF BAN] BanTime - 11 : 19 : 20 10/01/2020 [CSF BAN] UnbanTime - 11 : 19 : 20 11/01/2020 [CSF BAN] Timeleft - 23 Hour ( s ) 22 Minute ( s ) 25 Second ( s ) [CSF BAN] BannerID - STEAM_0 : 1 : 21416555 [CSF BAN] BannerIP - [CSF BAN] BannerName - Anonim [CSF BAN] Reason - aim [CSF BAN] ------------------------------- Kicked :"You are BANNED from this Server. Timeleft: 23 Hour(s) 22 Minute(s) 25 Second(s). Check your Console for Mo But I am not using any aim or wallhack or whatever it is. I was one of the top bulgarian players more than 10 years ago and that's all. Do you have any video which shows that I am using aim?
  5. I used google to translate your form as I do not speak RomanianNAME: PrestidigitateurIP: 31STEAM ID: I don't use steam to join.DATE: Today 10th Jan 2020TIME: 11:00 amMAP: dust2 RESPAWNADMINES ON SERVER: I am not sureREASON: It says to check my console, but there is nothing -> https://ibb.co/wg4NMYcDOCUMENTS: The following is my game's folder sorted by date... I do not think there is something which admins had created: https://ibb.co/0GmvbnpMENTIONS: As you can see - there is nothing within the console, so I do not know what the reasoun could be.REMARKS: I am uploading de_dust20007 which a screenshot I took earlier today: https://ibb.co/cF1Rwq7
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