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  1. Acest player a fost Banat permanent pe server și pe forum ! Îți mulțumim pentru ca ne-ai anunțat !
  2. To receive Admin you must have at least 20 hours played on the server. Topic title must be: [NESTLE] MODEL REQUEST ADMIN: Nick: Age: SteamID: Keyword in the regulation: Link gametracker with your nickname: Link to your Facebook profile (to add to the admin group): Can you make a monthly donation?:
  3. Ok i have a good answer FOR you , you are unbanned now , But maybe latter one admin ceck you back , answer to all questions FOR a good Game , tanks you end enjoy the christmas whit nestle.csfraguri.ro / @richeron
  4. Ok tommorow in the morning i ceck the demo, end after i whrite sure fi you have unban or not! Îs not problem . Tommorow you have a good answer ! Tanks you to using Nestle.csfraguri.ro
  5. Acceptat TC pm cu nick și pass
  6. Acceptat ! TC pm cu nick și pass
  7. Respins ! Nu acceptam adminii ce sunt in staff și pe alt server
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