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Reseller (Buy server)

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I. About buy a new server:

In partnership with the company KGB Hosting, we are offering a variety of 333 / 512 / 1000 fps servers:

1. Counter-Strike 1.6 - FPS of choice: 333, 500, 1000 [Bonuses: Server War, Webhosting, 6 free boosts in gametracker.rs]
2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - 64/128 Tickrate [Bonuses: Webhosting]
3. Counter-Strike Source [Bonuses: Webhosting, Server War]
4. GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer [Bonuses: Webhosting]
5. Call Of Duty 2 [Bonuses: Webhosting, Server War]
6. Call Of Duty 4 [Bonuses: Webhosting, Server War]

Extra: Hosting Voice Server TeamSpeak3 (If you have a game server at us you get 50% discount)


    GamePanel unique, advanced and easy to use
    Acces FTP(+WebFTP)
    The space used by the resources is uncounted
    Quality index (sys_ticrate) of your choice: 333, 500 or 1000 (Counter-Strike 1.6)
    1 Gbps secured internet connection
    Dedicated IP (with default port: 27015)
    Exploiter Protection (KGB Security) (Counter-Strike 1.6)
    Uptime guaranteed 99.9% per annum


Besides these, you also have:

    Advanced Anti DDoS protection with a total mitigation capacity of up to 1200 Gbps
    Own service sv_downloadURL for quick download of resources, which is offered at the client's request
    Server War / Mix 12 random port slots (if you have this bonus)
    6 free boosts every month in gametracker.rs (one every 5 days) with which you save 7.2 € (VAT included), with activation from the control panel (if you have this bonus)
    Free webhosting for the website, which is offered at the client's request (if you have this bonus)
    Unrestricted, except the modules and / or plugins that may affect our IPs in statistics and boost sites or our systems
    Premium technical support, our team is available Monday through Friday to help you with any problems you may have

    DEMO Counter-Strike 1.6 server for quality and ping testing:
    DEMO Counter-Strike Server: Global Offensive for ping and quality testing:


If you want to order a server give me pm or make a new topic
Orders are made through the PM at Maasym.
You can also order on Discord: Marius # 2691.
Before any order it would be best to give me pm first and then determine where and how we speak.


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